Manager’s Messages

Parking Reminder

When parking on streets in the community, please be sure that you are not blocking access to a neighboring driveway or your own. This is a parking rule violation as well as a fire code violation. Please remind your guests of this as well.

Become Active in Your Community

 We look forward to homeowners attending the bi-monthly board meetings and sharing their input for the community.   With Spring on the horizon, the board is looking for interested owners who would like to be part of the Riverwalk Vista HOA Social Committee.

The HOA social committee oversees the planning and organizing of community events that allow homeowners the opportunity to meet their neighbors. This committee plans and hosts events  that bring the community together and work within the provided budget set by the Board of Directors.

Being part of your Associations Social Committee is a great way to give back to your community, spend free time productively and make new friends.   Does this sound like something you would enjoy?  Please attend the next meeting for further details.

Pets in the Community

With all of the demands on your time, it is sometimes hard to focus on courtesies regarding pet ownership.  Unfortunately, it also creates more stress for your neighbors when they have to deal with nuisances such as barking dogs, loose dogs and cats and feces being left on their property or in the common area.  These are clearly the responsibility of the pet owner and abiding by the pet rules in the community will not only promote a better relationship amongst neighbors, but will protect the health and safety of the animals as well.  Remember to always have your pet on a leash and pick up any waste left behind.  Also, please do not allow your dogs to travel onto an owners yard to defecate or urinate on plants.  Pet waste and urine damages plants and landscape . Plant replacements can be costly to the Association and costly to the homeowner.

Please be a good neighbor – You can make a difference! 


All exterior modifications including painting must be approved by the architectural committee. An architectural application must be submitted prior to beginning any work. If this is not followed, the enforcement and fine policy will take effect. Applications can be obtained from the resident portal or by contacting our office and we can email one to you.

No work can begin until you receive approval from the architectural committee. If work has been done and approval has not been received, you may be informed that the improvement must be removed and restored back to the original condition.

New Community Manager

Hello Riverwalk Vista Residents,

My name is Bonnie Atkinson and I am excited to serve as your new community manager as of January 16, 2023.

I look forward to working with your community and your Board of Directors. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or by phone at 949-450-0202. It’s a pleasure to be a part of your beautiful community.


3338 Grande Vista Pkwy
Riverside, CA 92503
phone | (949) 450-0202

Management Team

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