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Security Reminder

Dear Riverwalk Residents,
While this time of year is filled with joy and celebration, it’s essential to prioritize the safety and security of our community. In this special holiday newsletter, we’re pleased to share valuable tips to help you enjoy a secure and festive season.

  1. Home Security:
    ● Ensure all doors and windows are properly secured, especially before leaving for holiday travels.
    ● Consider installing timers for lights to create the illusion of an occupied home.
    ● Collaborate with neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s properties.
  2. Package Delivery Safety:
    ● With the increase in online shopping, be vigilant about package deliveries.
    ● Utilize package tracking services to monitor deliveries and retrieve them promptly.
    ● Consider installing secure drop-off boxes or using community package delivery services.
  3. Exterior Lighting:
    ● Well-lit areas deter potential intruders. Check and replace outdoor lights to maintain visibility
    around your property.
    ● Motion-activated lights are an excellent addition to enhance security during the darker winter
  4. Holiday Travel Safety:
    ● Inform a trusted neighbor about your travel plans.
    ● Request periodic checks on your property to ensure everything remains secure.
    ● Avoid broadcasting your absence on social media.
  5. Vehicles:
    ● Ensure your vehicles are locked prior to entering your residence.
    ● Remove any valuable items from being visible for potential thieves/criminals.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, joyous, and secure holiday season!

Little Free Library Now at Pool Area

Riverwalk now has a Little Free Library at the pool area entry that is open to all members. It is locate inside the gated entry. We hope that you will take a look a bring a book to leave as you take one to read. There are currently a few adult books as well as children’s books!

Parking Reminder

When parking on streets in the community, please be sure that you are not blocking access to a neighboring driveway or your own. This is a parking rule violation as well as a fire code violation. Please remind your guests of this as well.

Mailbox concerns, missing mail or unlocked postal boxes?

Plese do not contact the manager for this.

Your closest USPS is the Arlington Post Office, located at 10275 Hole Ave, Riverside, CA 92503

Complaints can be called in at 877-876-2455. However, they are hard to reach by phone. 

You can also file a detailed complaint with USPS at postalinspectors.uspis.gov

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